Wave is a function generator.

Wave (front)

It's based on the XR-2206 from Exar, and the board is a retired one from Sparkfun. The design is based on a circuit presented on the datasheet itself, so nothing fancy here.

Wave (inside)

The power supply for the function generator is a custom one, called Source, built with gEDA. gEDA is a full GPL'd suite and toolkit of Electronic Design Automation tools. The result is available here (for direct use with gschem + pcb, both part of the toolkit). The design includes the power supply for the signal generator itself plus 2 more channels, 1 asymmetric (3A max) and 1 normal (1A max). The prototype thing:

Source - prototype PCB (back)

Source - prototype PCB (front)

The real thing:

Source - PCB (new)

Source - PCB (production)