From very simple snippets to some more interesting projects.


Only software projects, all on GitHub.

  • idigger platform for stock retrieval info and data mining for recommended stocks based on patterns of fundamental analysis values, with reprogrammable algorithms, with a running implementation here
  • nmodeller niche modelling software package
  • noweberdb free, BSD-licensed simulator for the computers Neander, Ahmes, Ramses and Cesar found in the book "Weber, Raul Fernando. Fundamentos de arquitetura de computadores. Editora Sagra Lazzato, Porto Alegre, 2000.".
  • bmv bulk rename
  • cirplot spice3f5 to gnuplot converter
  • nfib golden ratio using GNU MPFR
  • ... non-versioned, scattered snippets


Non-software projects.


Wave is a function generator.

Bolgh Wave (front)

More details here.

rswtch (Remote Switch)

A switch to aid in software development from remote sites.

Bolgh rswtch (front)

More details here.

Graduation Project

It's a OBD2 scanner. It's interesting, but not available yet.


This is a workshop.

The Workshop